What We Do

For over 40 years, Moore Truck & Equipment has been
providing the best oilfield trailers and oilfield equipment.

For over 40 years, Moore Truck & Equipment Co. has provided dependable, quality transportation equipment for the oilfield industry. We distribute multiple lines of new and reconditioned oilfield trailers to all the major oilfield regions in the U.S. and abroad. Our product line reflects all types of oilfield trailers including lowboys, jeeps, boosters, dollies, oilfield floats, extendable oilfield lowboys & stepdecks and cooler-hauling trailers.

Products and Services

Moore offers a diverse line of heavy-duty, high-performance trailers built to meet industry competition standards and designed to transport drilling rig components, natural gas compressors, and all other heavy-haul related needs. Our products come from the industry’s most respected trailer brands, including Holden, KalynSiebert, Viking, Advanced, XL Specialized, Load King, Blackstone, and Pitts. We work closely with our manufacturers to provide unbeatable service and support.

Quality Assurance / Efficient Delivery

In business since 1973, Moore Truck & Equipment Co. has over four decades of industry experience in providing oilfield service companies with custom spec’d trailers. A strong commitment to excellence and integrity, along with providing the most up-to-date and reliable equipment, are what inspires our repeat customers who understand the value we place on quality and relationships.